Mini lip serums (3x)

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Smooth. Hydrate. Shine. Calling all lip serum lovers! The keys to sumptuously luscious lips are in these organic lip serums, now available in 3-in-1 packaging in convenient travel bottles for all your lip care needs. Wherever and whenever you are, healthy, natural, plump lips are at your fingertips with Fitglow Beauty Mini Lip Serum Trio.

But don't let these mini serums fool you; our serums are causing a sensation. Filled with organic ingredients like Coconut Oil, Pomegranate, and Shea Butter, Fitglow Lip Serums will deliver intense deep hydration that will plump lips, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and leave you looking plump. full and natural for a bright, luminous smile.

This trio of 3-in-1 mini lip serums comes with Lip Serum

Bloom – Shining Pinkberry Sheer Night Lip Serum –

Sheer Moonlight Night Serum Halo Lip Serum –

Smoky Chestnut Nude ​

Fitglow is passionate about creating makeup products that benefit your skin. Our products are based on a science-driven, results-driven approach that allows us to develop high-quality formulas that work with your skin and work to nourish and regenerate.

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